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tracking Any parting within the tread, sidewall, or inner liner of the tire extending to cord material. CT A pneumatic tire with an inverted flange tire and rim system in which the rim is designed with rim flanges pointed radially inward and the tire is designed to fit on the underside of the rim in a manner that encloses the rim flanges inside the air cavity of the tire. Curb weight The weight of a motor vehicle with standard equipment including the maximum capacity of fuel, oil, and coolant, and, if so equipped, air conditioning and additional weight optional engine. Extra load tire A tire designed to operate at higher loads and at higher inflation pressures than the corresponding standard tire. Groove The space between two adjacent tread ribs. Gross AxleWeight Rating The maximum weight that any axle can support, as published on the Certification /VIN label on the front left side of the trailer. Actual weight determined by weighing each axle on a public scale, with the trailer attached to the towing vehicle. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating The maximum weight of the fully loaded trailer, as published on the Certification /VIN label. Actual weight determined by weighing trailer on a public scale, without being attached to the towing vehicle. Hitch Weight The downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. Innerliner The layer(s) forming the inside surface of a tubeless tire that contains the inflating medium within the tire. Innerliner separation The parting of the innerliner from cord material in the carcass. Intended outboard sidewall The sidewall that contains a white-wall, bears white lettering or bears manufacturer, brand, and/or model name molding that is higher or deeper than the same molding on the other sidewall of the tire or the outward facing sidewall of an asymmetrical tire that has a particular side that must always face outward when mounted on a vehicle. Light truck (LT) tire A tire designated by its manufacturer as primarily intended for use on lightweight trucks or multipurpose passenger vehicles. Load rating The maximum load that a tire is rated to carry fora given inflation pressure. Maximum load rating The load rating fora tire at the maximum permissible inflation pressure for that tire. Maximum permissible inflation pressure he maximum cold inflation pressure to which a tire maybe inflated.
-9- Maximum loaded vehicle weight The sum of curb weight, accessory weight, vehicle capacity weight, and production options weight. Measuring rim The rim on which a tire is fitted for physical dimension requirements. Pin Weight The downward force applied to the 5thwheelor gooseneck ball, by the trailer kingpin or gooseneck coupler.