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ENGINE Tecumseh warrants the engine for (2) years, NOT Flexible Flyer. See Tecumseh Engine Owner’s Manual. Engine repair, replacement parts, and warranty claims must be handled through an authorized dealer in your locality. Tecumseh has an extensive authorized sales and service dealer network. (See yellow pages of phone directory under “Engine-Gas”). PART 2 FRAME The frame and related components are warranted by Flexible Flyer and are applied to any part found to be defective due to material and/or workmanship when inspected at the Flexible Flyer factory. Flexible Flyer will at its’ option, repair or replace the defective parts to the original purchaser at no charge. The warranty periods are as follows from the date of purchase: A. Frame for 90 days, Void if: 1. Frame is broken or bent due to abuse (underside scraped abusively). 2. Wheels are bent or broken due to impact. 3. Spindles are bent due to impact. 4. Paint is worn off of rear bumper indicating an extra rider. 5. Axels are bent out of ordinary position either horizontally or vertically. 6. Non-Factory altering of engine or it’s components. B. Bearings and sprocket for 30 days C. Clutch for 30 days against breakage of its parts. No warranty is applied for wear of clutch shoes or clutch bearings due to service. D. Throttle cable, brake cable, brake band, chain, tires, seat, shocks, fasteners and other components are not warranted because due to normal service they are subject to excessive wear and abuse.

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