Kawasaki Teryx Electric Steering Installation Manual


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installation Instructions for Kawasaki Teryx 1. Before installation, center steering wheel and verify tires are straight. 2. Begin by removing all Phillips screws retaining the plastic hood to the front grill, headlights, and frame structure and remove front clip assembly. 3. Remove plastic shroud by removing the 4 phillips screws that retain it to the frame. 4. There are 2 bolts that hold the steering column tube in place and you need to reach up under frame work to get to them. They are 14 mm and you need a box and open end wrench to access them. Loosen the upper one and remove the lower one. Remove the pinch bolt at the column shaft and u-joint. Remove the lower pinch bolt at the rack and u-joint and while tilting the column up and down remove the stock steering shaft.
5. Once the shaft is removed, you are ready for installation. Your bracket and motor has come completely assembled as shown below. You will need to remove the lower shaft from the motor to install it. After removal of the shaft you will need to loosen the 3 mounting bolts from the bracket to the motor to allow clearance for the bracket to slide over the frame piece where it will mount

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