Honda, Polaris (2000 and older) ATV Thumb Warmer Installation Instructions


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Hi/Low Switch Installation Choose a location for the switch, which is convenient and has sufficient rear clearance for the electrical connections and is within 18″ of a voltage-controlled wire (a wire in the lighting circuit). Drill a 1/2″ (13mm) hole and install the switch from the back. Leave the strain relief nut on the switch. On the front install the Hi/Low indicator tab and secure the switch and tab using the metal nut. The amount of switch barrel protruding can be adjusted by moving the strain relief nut. Wire Routing and Connections Route the electric cord along the handlebar to switchmarea and secure with supplied tie wraps, electrical tape, or both. Cut and strip to proper length. Attach a ground wire of sufficient length to go from the red wire to a good ground. WARNING: Lead wire slack in the area of the throttle must be neither excessive nor tight. Ensure no binding occurs when the throttle is open fully.,Soldering connections is the most durable method, but the following will provide years of service. Attach the 1/4″ female slip-on connectors to the white and blue wires and #10 ring terminal to warmer leads as shown in Figure 2. (A crimping tool works best, but a Vise Grips or pliers will work). Figure 2. Switch Connections (Option B) Connect the single yellow or red wire to a regulated (lighting) circuit using Option A (ATV has a switch in a lighting circuit with a 1/4″ tab) or Option B: Option B: Locate a power wire (usually yellow) leading to a headlight, taillight, or dash light (Figure 2). Using the red tap connector, place this power wire into the continuous channel and insert the red wire (do not strip insulation) completely to stop in the second channel. Make the connection by squeezing (w/pliers) the metal contact until flush with the top of the connector. Close the hinged cover until latched. Complete connections to switch and ground circuit.

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